Concrete Polishing Seattle

With Seattle concrete polishing and staining,we know how to transform your ugly cement floors into a polished work of art. Whether your project is residential or commercial, call for a FREE estimate.



Having years’ experience in the Seattle and surrounding areas, Seattle Concrete Polishing adapts to changes of focus throughout the project to accommodate evolving customer needs and to stay on schedule despite unforeseen delays and challenges.

Our concrete polishing history includes commercial high-end retail to residential. We work to exceed the expectations of our clients and work closely with our customers to provide cement surface, countertop refinishing and floor resurfacing that satisfies the customer’s original vision for their concrete and concrete polishing projects. All of our work is built to code, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Call (206) 501-3931 today for your free estimate!

Seattle Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

With concrete polishing, flooring can sometimes be mistaken for marble. The surface is so smooth and attractive, no other floor finish can compare in beauty as a polished concrete floor system. Photos may help tell the story, but a real life demonstration will make you a believer. Most concrete polishing jobs can be done in a few days, residential, retail, commercial and industrial. You won’t find a better flooring system than concrete polishing, stop spending thousands every year on stripping and waxing VCT. Call one of our Seattle Concrete Polishing contractors in your area today and find out why everyone is turning to concrete polishing for their flooring alternative.


Polish Off an Old Concrete Layer

Once we take off a layer of the old concrete surface, a fresh surface will appear, bringing new life to your concrete floors; they didn’t have this 20 years ago! Depending on the concrete stain you choose, we can polish and transform your current concrete floor into a beautiful surface. You don’t need tile or any other coating. We make concrete floors look incredible through concrete polishing a new finish. Give us a call and save money, nothing beats concrete polishing or stamping of a concrete floor.



Concrete – Staining & Sealing

Concrete polishing your floors  and then add a concrete stain or just a concrete sealer, is the most affordable way to transform your concrete floors. You can’t find a better alternative for your money than polishing and staining. Visit our concrete gallery to see more sensational photos. Photos may help tell the story, but a real-life demo will make you a believer. Call your local area today and speak with a professional concrete polishing contractor from Seattle Concrete Polishing.

Concrete Polishing

Modern Concrete Design can also perform all demolition: framing: concrete finish work: concrete counter tops, concrete polishing and staining; laminate work, cabinet-making, painting, minor mechanical and site clean-up.

All of our work is built to local code, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Call (206) 501-3931 today for your FREE estimate!

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