Maintaining Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are gaining in popularity for numerous reasons.  Unlike other floors such as vinyl, tile, or any number of products placed over concrete for the wear surface, polished concrete does not require waxing and stripping every year, or more, to maintain it's useful life and good appearance.  However, it still requires some maintenance to uphold it's finish.

Here are several techniques that can help prolong the life and look of your polished concrete floor.

Use a microfiber pad to clean the floor.  It removes dirt particles, which can dull or even ruin the shine and clarity of your floor.

Better yet, in addition to using a microfiber pad often, install a walk off mat; most experts agree that a 4' mat is the minimum  length, and that longer is better in every way.  The mat helps remove grit and harmful acids and salts that are detrimental to  your polished floor.  The mats do need to be kept clean.

Mop your floor using clean mops and clean water.   If using a cleaner, insure that it is a mild neutral ph cleaner.  Auto scrubbers are acceptable; use a non-abrasive white pad.

Clean spills and stains as soon as possible.  Concrete does absorb, so the sooner one gets the problem 'mopped up', the better chance it won't remain noticeable.

Especially on large floors, be systematic in your cleaning, both in regiment and techniques.  

Don't let the cleaning agent become dry.  A systematic approach will minimize the risks of allowing this to happen.

To reiterate, use a mild ph neutral cleaner.  Avoid using ammonia, citrus cleaner, bleaches, pine based cleaners and vinegar.  Don't use anything abrasive.

If the floor is losing its shine, you may dry run a high speed burnisher over the floor.  You may also 'wet' burnish using an approved "Guard".  Burnishing will grind the dirt on the floor and help make the shine pop back.

There are so many ways to easily maintain your investment, it's a shame not to.  We will provide an easy to follow and reasonable maintenance program that is affordable and safe for every job completed.